Micellar Surface Disinfectant

Dealing with a positive Covid Case at home can be an absolutely daunting experience, isn’t it?

When my 3-year-old son caught the virus earlier this month, I have to admit that we were caught unprepared.

The moment we found out about that he was Covid-positive, we did deep cleaning of the ENTIRE house.

Obviously we were not sure of the exact areas he might have been in contact with.

In the midst of distress, I got paranoid and went on to sanitize the entire house – again and again.

How not to, when this little man won’t stay in his room!

When I finally get to escape the house to get some errands done (and some much-needed air),

I got into my car,

started the engine,

looked in the rear view mirror and noticed…

The Child Seat!

Despite all the chaos and the effort to sanitize “everything”, we missed out the other place the family spends a lot of time in – Our Car!

While I was desperate to get the car cleaned quickly and hassle-free, I didn’t want to ruin the fine leather of the car seats either.

I was fortunate to discover Micellar Surface Disinfectant.

It contains no alcohol or acetone, so it is absolutely safe on all surfaces, including leather.

Even better, its mist formulation means I get to cover more area effortlessly.

ALSO, it dries out so quickly – No wiping necessary!

I knew I had to share this with all you vehicle owners out there.

You’re Welcome 😉


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