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Fuel Fortifier™ is 100% organic, made from palm derivative. It is not an additive but a fuel conditioner that increases the burning efficiency of the internal combustion engines thereby generating more power at reduced fuel consumption.

When added to petrol or diesel, Fuel Fortifier™ breaks up the hydrocarbons in the fuel molecules into smaller chains enabling a higher and cleaner combustion rate. The smoke exhaust emission reduces while fuel consumption improves.

Lesser amount of carbon build-up from unburnt fuel means lesser engine friction and better engine performance. Long term use of Fuel Fortifier™ translates to lower maintenance cost through lesser premature wear & tear of engine components.

Fuel Fortifier™ is environmentally safe, free from any chemical or harmful substances. It complies with Singapore’s National Environmental Agency 2019 guidelines for fuel additives governing air pollution.

For Drivers

Fuel Fortifier™ comes in 5-strips pack. Each strip treats up to 20 litres fuel treatment. For drivers, drop 2 strips into the fuel tank if you are refuelling 40 litres of diesel or petrol.

For Riders

If you are a rider requiring only 5 litres refuelling, just break a single tab marked on the strip and drop it into the fuel tank. A single tab of the strip is equivalent to 5 litres fuel treatment.

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