Fuel Fortifier™ is not an additive but a unique, all-in-one fuel conditioner with “power boosting, fuel saving and cleaning” effect on your engine.


  What are the Benefits?

100% Organic

Totally plant-based. No harmful substances present


Affordable to Consumers and Businesses

Improves Combustion

Resulting More Torque Power & Lower Fuel Consumption

Environmentally Friendly

Proven to reduce smoke exhaust emission up to 30%


Suitable for all fuel-driven engines, boilers, incinerators and power generators

  • Retail Use
  • Industrial Use
Retail Use

Retail Use

Fuel Fortifier™  is  suitable for all petrol or diesel driven automobiles including hybrid engines.

Industrial Use

Industrial Use

Fuel Fortifier™ can be used in large commercial and industrial applications such as boilers, industrial engines, incinerators and diesel power plants.

Product Certification

Fuel Fortifier™ has undergone several test certifications by international bodies namely SUCOFINDO (Indonesia), TÜV SÜD PSB (Singapore) and SIRIM-UTM-ADC (Malaysia) for better recognition in the international market.

Product Liability

Fuel Fortifier™ is insured for up to RM3 million (approx. SGD1 million) against any product liability and damages by AIG Insurance Malaysia.

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